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1. Ordering 3-Wheelers:

1.1 Conventional motorcycle with a side-car
1.2 Single front wheel 3-Wheelers
1.3 Single rear wheel 3-Wheelers
1.4 Leaning 3-Wheelers
1.5 Two front driving-steering wheels 3-Wheelers

2. Novel 3-Wheeler with two driving-steering front wheels and passengers sitting astride each other:

2.1 Stability
2.2 Light and powerful
2.3 Passenger protection
2.4 Practical use
2.5 It can't all be that good! Where's the hidden bug?

3. New 3-Wheeler possible configurations:

4. Mechanical analysis of 3-Wheeler stability:

4.1 Simple visual analysis of 3-Wheeler stability
4.2 Logic behind the mathematical calculations of safety margin
4.3 Stability of 3-Wheelers with two driving-steering front wheels
4.4 Stability of 3-Wheelers with rear-engine and single-rear driving wheel
4.5 Summary of safety margin calculations

5. Marketing environment of this new 3-Wheeler

6. Conclusion: Which 2, 3 or 4 Wheeler is best for which application?


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